Training Shoes 2018 | Nike Metcon 4, JUST DO NOT QUIT

January 4 is the launch date of the new Nike Metcon 4 training shoes available for men and women.

After the Metcon 3 version we are ready to introduce you to this new CrossFit ultra- resistant , flexible , stable shoe with a sporty and aggressive look .

The Nike Metcon 4 crossfit offers a flexible support , thanks to a two-density midsole, softer in the forefoot and more rigid in the heel. The sole offers a high grip thanks to the homogeneous base while the upper, with integrated Flywire cables, is enveloping like a second skin but more resistant than ever.

Other technical features of the new training shoes Nike Metcon 4 are the clip on the heel to ensure stability , the upper rubberized in the medial area to ensure a better performance during the exercises to the rope and differential (drop – difference in height between heel and toe footwear) of only 4 millimeters to keep you in line with the ground and in a more natural position.

Thanks to these technical characteristics the new Metcon 4 Nike are ready to accompany you in conquering your most ambitious goals, overcoming every obstacle.

“We all have a goal we want to achieve, but the road to success is never simple.
There are moments along the path that make us doubt ourselves, moments in which we reach a breaking point.
The point is how to overcome them.
In these moments we want to give up.
And it is precisely when we need to hear a voice within us.


After the technical information of Nike Metcon 4 it is time to discover the first colors that will be available.

Here are the color variants for men

Training shoes Nike Metcon 4 white sole marbled effect

Nike Metcon 4 total black training shoes

Training shoes Nike Metcon 4 blue gum sole

and the colors available for women

Nike Metcon 4 training shoes black white woman sole

You just have to choose your favorites and, if they are not yet available for purchase, use our free service ” Notify me when available ” on the product page to receive an email as soon as it will be to be among the first to have it.

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We proudly present: The M2K Tekno

So, that’s the good piece. The M2K Tekno, in the very popular “John Elliot” Colourway, has finally found its way to us on the blog.

We at Dead Stock were big fans of the model right from the start. My buddy Damian showed me the M2K Tekno a few months ago and the silhouette has already been teased at the various fashion shows in the world.

In June, the first colourways from the M2K Tekno have already made it to Germany. We have our model from the Snipes Onlineshop , which was the only store besides Onygo to sell this Colourway online. When other stores with the men’s sizes follow suit is currently not fixed. But I assume that next month we can expect a release for the men of the guild.

Surely you are now expecting from this blog post that we can give you info about the sizing of the M2K Tekno . We can also give you a relatively reliable assessment, but you must not forget that we had a lady’s shoe in front of the camera for this post. Worn by a real guy. ? So there might well be deviations for which, of course, we can not guarantee.

The price of M2K Tekno is 100 euros, which I think is an absolutely fair price. adidas has demonstrated with the Falcon and many other models that a good shoe can also be cheap. You do not always have to unpack the crowbar and knock shoe for 275 euros, as it was the case last with the VaporMax Inneva. Sure, we compare apples with pears here. Nonetheless, the comparison is somehow appropriate.

Back to sizing: My buddy wears a 41 (= 26.5cm) in the M2K Tekno. In the women’s model, he has gone to the same CM statement and says the shoe is true to size. I would like to correct that, because normally we men have to take the women’s shoes a tad bigger. In my opinion, the M2K would have to be half a size bigger. Even my buddy Willy has already confirmed similar, because he has even gone down a full size in his M2K.

Overall, I have to say that Nike has created the legitimate successor to the Air Monarch with the M2K Tekno. Only somehow cooler, stylish and better! Somehow it is funny that there is such a hype about the Air Monarch . After all, the monarch is the epitome of the dad sneaker and has been the target of thousands of memes and jokes in the past. As you can see, how quickly the conditions in the “fashion world” can change.


Joa, the question is really not bad and is actually asked me almost daily. There are currently no official confirmations from the stores, but retailers like Snipes , Kickz and Foot Locker have already hinted that they will lead the model. At TGWO the Pink Foam is even coming soon.

If you want to stay up-to-date, check out the release calendar regularly or subscribe to our free What’s App newsletter. We love the M2K, so you can be sure that we’ll be the first to report as more info becomes public.


nike m2k tekno elliot 3nike m2k tekno elliot 2nike m2k tekno elliot 4nike m2k tekno elliot 5nike m2k tekno elliot 10nike m2k tekno elliot 7


Nike Phantom: the future of soccer shoes

Milan, 17/7/2018, in the evocative setting of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) , Nike has unveiled to the world its latest creation: Nike Phantom Vision .

We were present to test and tell you the first impressions of this new revolutionary football shoe created to meet the needs of the modern football player for whom precision and ball control under pressure are essential requirements. It is no coincidence that the testimonials chosen to wear them are Philippe Coutinho , Kevin De Bruyne and the Italian Federico Bernardeschi.

apertura maxinews 616x322

 Kevin De Bruyne 

The new Phantom replaces the Magista in the big Nike Football family.

Short and particular existence that of Nike Magista : launched during the 2014 World Cup (including particularly lucky launch given the decisive goal made in the final by the testimonial Prince Goetze), then lived a troubled existence without ever break into the hearts of the players up at the next world championship of Russia 2018 at the end of which he gave way to the revolutionary Phantom VSN .
This new shoe is, as the slogan says, the future of football. In the Phantom there is nothing traditional, starting from its design. In fact, for the first time, the designer Phil Woodman started to conceive this boot from the inside out, starting from the requests of the players who were looking for a shoe that combined precision, control and protection.
Hence the idea of ​​an inner sock with a revolutionary four-dimensional structure that adheres perfectly to the foot and allows unprecedented sensitivity and rapid movements in every direction, wrapped in a “shell” that protects it without interfering with the fit and specially designed to guarantee a precise and safe touch of the ball.

nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 1 616x616 nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 4 616x616 nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 2 616x616 nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 5 616x616

As anticipated we had the opportunity to discover and above all test the new Phantom Vision during the exclusive event organized by Nike Football at San Siro and more precisely in the stadium garages used for the occasion in the field of Street Soccer.

In a first theoretical phase we have been revealed all the details of the construction of this new shoe and all the innovations that make it “the soccer shoe of the future”; then, shoes on our feet, we could appreciate all the features described above.

We have tested the IC version, therefore with Indoor sole, ideal for the concrete surface of the location, but beyond that the characteristics are the same for all other sole dishes.
The fit is extremely enveloping and even if just worn it may seem excessively tight, just a few steps to make it soft and comfortable and I assure you that it will adhere perfectly to your foot and you will feel like playing barefoot. (NB: advice for purchases, when you try the shoe in the store do not be fooled by the clerk who will advise you to try an extra number because “tight sock”, the first time you wear it must be tight, keep it to the foot and you will see that soon you will forget you have it.).

Let’s now analyze how it behaves when it comes into contact with the ball: the sensitivity is really good and although the coating is not compromised at all, the control and the touch ball are effective and precise both on short passages and on powerful conclusions. The lacing is fixed to the inner sock and is covered by the upper, this allows an even more precise and personalized fit without interfering with the impact surface with the ball which is therefore homogeneous.
Here are some images of the event:

In conclusion we can say that the new Nike Phantom football shoe impressed us, it is a product that is aesthetically appealing and technically very valid.
Also for the new family are confirmed all price ranges: The top of the Elite range, the Pro version, the Accademy and the first price Club. The version is unique, there will not be the high and the low but this unique mid cut .

The first two colors available will be the total black that will be on sale starting from July 26 and the gray / red available from August 2 and that will be the official color that we will see in the field at the beginning of the season.

nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 3 616x616

And what do you think? Do you like the new shoe or did you prefer the old Magista?


A shoe that I was especially looking forward to

… is the recently released Nike SB Dunk “Notorious BIG” , about which we briefly reported a few months ago.

Nike sb-dunk-1

The 2-piece pack should first be called “East West Pack” and run under the guise of 2-Pac and Notorious BIG. Somehow, however, was canceled by Nike, so that many stores have of course bought large quantities, on which they now sit more or less. Nike SB designed as a brand currently just really difficult, if it is not an official Kollabo or a great retro. But I do not care, because after enjoying a high-top Nike SB Denim Dunk last year, the flat version still had to work. Mandatory purchase and so on.

Anyway. You can imagine that the hype about the “Denim Pack” after the renaming has finally failed and both models have disappeared a bit in the sinking. Too bad, because both models have become really good in terms of workmanship and material selection. At first I was a bit worried about the denim, because many brands used to go to the bathroom in the past. The “Denim Pack” was the right material, so you do not have to worry about that.

By the way, I stayed with the US 11.5 in size. I wear the same size in all dunks, so there were no surprises here.

If you intend to buy one of the two models, I strongly advise you to Dunk . The Air Force II has also become cool, but in my eyes does not come to the Dunk ran. Especially because I find the Air Force II super-chunky.

My highlight in the Dunk is the way the fat padded tongue. Nothing has been “deconstructed” or omitted – NO! Nike has packed the original Nike SB Dunk into a denim. That’s it!

If you are interested in the model, check out HHV. There are both models already with a small discount of 10%, and since Mama has taught us all has to save, that is probably the cheapest alternative. Otherwise you can have a look at Nike . Also there you will find the complete sizerun of both models.

I hope you like my pictures from yesterday. Have fun with it!

nike sb dunk 2nike sb dunk 3nike sb dunk 4nike sb dunk 5nike sb dunk 13nike sb dunk 14nike sb dunk 16nike sb dunk 19nike sb dunk 20


Always Forward Pack: the new Nike football boots for autumn-winter

Nike today officially launched the Always Forward soccer shoe package and the message is clear: no matter what your style of play, you always look forward ! Whether you have a fast and instinctive game or methodical and precise, never stop advancing!

This is the collection that will be worn by all the main players this fall on the most important fields in Italy and in the world.

C 29 fotogallery 1023231  ImageGallery  imageGalleryItem 27 image 616x312

Mauro Icardi has decided the Milan derby wearing the Nike Hypervenom “Always Forward”

The main color for the Always Forward package is blue with black inserts. The color combination is perfectly suited to the winter months, when the cold begins to make itself felt and the dark is king.

The Nike PhantomVSN are characterized by blue, with black swoosh and a silver control area inside.

The wait for the new colors of Hypervenom and Tiempo is finally over. If you are looking for a comfortable and snug shoe, the Tiempo Legend is the one for you, especially in the splendid royal blue color with black swoosh and silver outline. Comfort, control and precision are the key words for the Tiempo, while the Hypervenom are designed for the most deadly attackers in circulation.

nike always forward boots pack 1 616x347

If the blue color does not excite you, then the fluo yellow will be your color for this season: it is the most attractive shade of the package and is reserved for Mercurial Superfly .

nike always forward boots pack 3 616x616

Always Forward also indicates the way for indoor camps : the fall / winter season also coincides with the start of the indoor and futsal season. You can then choose your favorite model and color, so you can dominate the indoor courts with the latest Nike technologies. The indoor shoes reflect the same technology in the upper of the football boots, while the cleats are obviously replaced by soles optimized for the interior, to accommodate your game and sudden changes of direction.

Do not let yourself be unprepared for the winter season, look forward with Nike Always Forward and choose the models and colors best suited to your style of play!


Nike Mercurial NJR Pure Phenomenon: the new Neymar football boots

Here is the new Neymar football boot , the Nike Mercurial NJR “Pure Phenomenon” , an explosion of speed and agility with a particular look that comes from the mix of two lucky Nike Football models of the past.

The first shoe to have inspired the new Neymar is the Mercurial Superfly 2 , the shoe with which the champion currently at the PSG made his debut with the Brazilian national team, the second is the legendary Mercurial R9 , which in 1998 at the foot of Ronaldo (the Brazilian) has contributed to writing indelible pages in the history of football.
Even the name ” Puro Fenomeno ” is a clear reference to what was universally recognized as the real football phenomenon: Luis Nazario da Lima, known as Ronaldo.

The union Neymar – Mercurial confirms excellent, all the characteristics of reactivity and agility of the shoe are enhanced by the explosive game and at full speed of the number 10 of Brazil and vice versa NJR exploits the lightness and comfort of Vapor to best express his game in field.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Njr Pure Phenomenon FG

The Nike Mercurial Neymar Puro phenomenon football boots collection is available today December 21, 2017 in the specialized football departments of our stores and online.

This 2017 which is about to end has proved to be full of interesting and juicy news about soccer shoes and 2018 will certainly not be outdone, so as not to lose all future releases continues to follow our blog and our dedicated FB page to football and visit our website to find out about our range of products dedicated to the world of football.


Running shoes 2018 | Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13

The time has come to introduce you the new Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 for men and women , one of the most iconic and eager running shoes of the whisker brand.

We leave behind the Nike Vomero 12 to make room for the new version that keeps unchanged the characteristics of comfort , protection and durability that have always characterized this running shoe for runners with neutral support .

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 offers a high cushioning and an excellent elastic response even when milling kilometers. All this thanks to the implementation of ‘the combination of the Lunarlon midsole with Nike Zoom Air and technologies.

The design of the upper is clean and linear, made with a circular Knit , breathable and durable, able to offer a new look to running shoes Vomero 13 . The stability and the wrapping of the upper are ensured by the construction with Flywire cables placed around the medial area.

The novelties for Vomero 13 continue with a better padding of the collar around the ankle and with the new soft tongue, made of foam, made for an even more comfortable and precise fit.

The sole remains unchanged compared to that of the Vomero 12 due to the high durability and the excellent grip it guarantees.

What will be the weight of the new Nike Vomero 13 running shoes?

Many are asking “how much weight do the new Nike Vomero 13?” And we are ready to reveal it to you. The Vomero 13 shoes will weigh 307 grams (in size 10 US).

Thanks to these technical characteristics, the new Air Zoom Vomero 13 of Nike are ready to accompany you in winning your most ambitious goals.

After the technical information it is time to find out the first colors that will be available:

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 Blue-Black

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 Black

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 woman Light Blue

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 Women’s Black

Do not waste time, use our free “Notify me when available” service , which you can find on the product page to receive an email as soon as it will be available and be among the first to have it.

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Nike Ice and Fire: double color for the new Nike football shoe collection

“Fire in your heart?
Or Ice in your veins?
Time to pick your side. “

This is the slogan of the new collection of Nike Ice and Fire football boots presented today in preview and on sale in our stores and on starting from November 9th 2017 .

A collection, two colors. This is the big news introduced by NikeFootball for this launch.
The American brand plays on the contrast, creating two lines in contrast, a fiery ( Fire ) on a red and black base, and an icy ( Ice ) blue and blue, which will compete in the field at the foot of the Nike testimonials scattered around the world.
This in fact the idea behind the Nike Ice and Fire collection , in the most important challenges of the various championships, the players will wear shoes of one or the other color according to the team they belong to, emphasizing even more the concept of rivalry. Let’s take an example, in Italy Milan players will wear the Fire color and those of Inter the Ice coloration, in Spain Real will be Ice and Barca will be Fire, in England Manchester City will be Ice and Manchester United will be Fire.

fa17 football fireice ig 00001 616x616

In store then you will find two colors for each Nike football shoe : Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and tiempo will be available both in the Fire color and in the Ice color … the choice is yours.

The technical characteristics of the shoes do not change compared to previous collections, so let’s take a closer look at the new colors:

#Playfire: “Burn past your opponents”
#Playice: “Leave opponents frozen in their tracks”.

Nike Mercurial:


We remind you that the new collection of Nike “Ice and Fire” football boots will be available in the specialized departments of our stores and on our website starting from November 9th.

Until then, stay in touch with our channels, our blog and our Facebook page specialized in football so as not to miss out on all the upcoming news on the world of football.
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Nike football boots 2017: the new February colors of Mercurial, Magista, Hypervenom and Tiempo

Nike football presents the Radiation Flare Pack , the new colors coming to all the fields for Mercurial , Hypervenom , Magista and Tiempo.

The four families of Nike football boots are dressed in bright and vibrant color to illuminate the game and allow more and more spectacular games that will not go unnoticed.

The new flagship Nike Hypervenom 3 , the latest addition to the football boots of the American brand we have already extensively described in our article: NIKE 2017 soccer shoes: here is the new Hypervenom 3 shoe of the modern attacker .
Here are the images of the new model worn among others by Pipita Higuain.


The other models in the collection present a new look while the technical characteristics remain unchanged. Let’s see them in detail:

Nike Mercurial


Nike Magista:




















Nike Tiempo


A range of colors not anonymous at all, which certainly will stand out on all football pitches starting this week. Mercurial, Hypervenom, Tiempo and Magista in the new Nike Radiation Flare Pack color will be on sale on and in the specialized soccer departments of our stores starting from Monday, January 30th 2017.

We are just at the beginning of the year and we have already presented several juicy news on football boots 2017 , and many others will come again … and then continue to follow our blog and our facebook page so as not to lose even one and choose between proposals of the most important Brands the perfect shoe for you.

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Nike Mercurial CR7 chapter 6: the new soccer shoes by Cristiano Ronaldo dedicated to the Portuguese national team

We present the new color of the soccer shoe dedicated and worn exclusively by Cristiano Ronaldo : the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 CR7 .

We arrived at the sixth of the seven chapters provided for in the series of shoes dedicated to the history of the last Cristiano Ronaldo gold ball. We started from its origins, passing through the first football appearances and for all the teams that saw the star of CR7 shine, retracing step by step all his immense career. This penultimate chapter talks about an unexplored topic, the adventure of Ronaldo with the Portuguese national team .
Cristiano is the player who has often worn the captain’s armband, his first time dates back to 6 February 2007, the day after his twenty-second birthday, and since that day Ronaldo has become not only the captain but also the symbol of Portugal . Man of reference in the field and outside took his teammates by guiding them to the historic success in the 2016 European football championships. This is the triumph of the new nike Mercurial 360 CR7 , whose color resumes that of Portugal’s second shirt worn at EURO 2016 .

We discovered the new Nike CR7 collection , the sixth chapter of the saga dedicated to the Portuguese champion currently at Real Madrid.
If you missed the other chapters, here are the links to the previous stories:

  • Chapter 1: Nike Mercurial CR7 “Savage Beauty”
  • Chapter 2: Nike Mercurial CR7 “Natural Diamond
  • Chapter 3: Nike Mercurial CR7 “Discovery”
  • Chapter 4: Nike Mercurial CR7 “Forged the Greatness”
  • Chapter 5: NIke Mercurial CR7 “Cut to brilliance”

Waiting for the seventh and final chapter (seven just like the number always on the shirt of Ronaldo) that we can already reveal you will arrive in October 2018, stay connected with our channels: our FB and Instagram pages specialized football and our blog for not lose all the news related to the world of football, and take a ride on and in our stores to choose the perfect football shoe for you.