A shoe that I was especially looking forward to

… is the recently released Nike SB Dunk “Notorious BIG” , about which we briefly reported a few months ago.

Nike sb-dunk-1

The 2-piece pack should first be called “East West Pack” and run under the guise of 2-Pac and Notorious BIG. Somehow, however, was canceled by Nike, so that many stores have of course bought large quantities, on which they now sit more or less. Nike SB designed as a brand currently just really difficult, if it is not an official Kollabo or a great retro. But I do not care, because after enjoying a high-top Nike SB Denim Dunk last year, the flat version still had to work. Mandatory purchase and so on.

Anyway. You can imagine that the hype about the “Denim Pack” after the renaming has finally failed and both models have disappeared a bit in the sinking. Too bad, because both models have become really good in terms of workmanship and material selection. At first I was a bit worried about the denim, because many brands used to go to the bathroom in the past. The “Denim Pack” was the right material, so you do not have to worry about that.

By the way, I stayed with the US 11.5 in size. I wear the same size in all dunks, so there were no surprises here.

If you intend to buy one of the two models, I strongly advise you to Dunk . The Air Force II has also become cool, but in my eyes does not come to the Dunk ran. Especially because I find the Air Force II super-chunky.

My highlight in the Dunk is the way the fat padded tongue. Nothing has been “deconstructed” or omitted – NO! Nike has packed the original Nike SB Dunk into a denim. That’s it!

If you are interested in the model, check out HHV. There are both models already with a small discount of 10%, and since Mama has taught us all has to save, that is probably the cheapest alternative. Otherwise you can have a look at Nike . Also there you will find the complete sizerun of both models.

I hope you like my pictures from yesterday. Have fun with it!

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