Nike Ice and Fire: double color for the new Nike football shoe collection

“Fire in your heart?
Or Ice in your veins?
Time to pick your side. “

This is the slogan of the new collection of Nike Ice and Fire football boots presented today in preview and on sale in our stores and on starting from November 9th 2017 .

A collection, two colors. This is the big news introduced by NikeFootball for this launch.
The American brand plays on the contrast, creating two lines in contrast, a fiery ( Fire ) on a red and black base, and an icy ( Ice ) blue and blue, which will compete in the field at the foot of the Nike testimonials scattered around the world.
This in fact the idea behind the Nike Ice and Fire collection , in the most important challenges of the various championships, the players will wear shoes of one or the other color according to the team they belong to, emphasizing even more the concept of rivalry. Let’s take an example, in Italy Milan players will wear the Fire color and those of Inter the Ice coloration, in Spain Real will be Ice and Barca will be Fire, in England Manchester City will be Ice and Manchester United will be Fire.

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In store then you will find two colors for each Nike football shoe : Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and tiempo will be available both in the Fire color and in the Ice color … the choice is yours.

The technical characteristics of the shoes do not change compared to previous collections, so let’s take a closer look at the new colors:

#Playfire: “Burn past your opponents”
#Playice: “Leave opponents frozen in their tracks”.

Nike Mercurial:


We remind you that the new collection of Nike “Ice and Fire” football boots will be available in the specialized departments of our stores and on our website starting from November 9th.

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