Nike Mercurial CR7 chapter 6: the new soccer shoes by Cristiano Ronaldo dedicated to the Portuguese national team

We present the new color of the soccer shoe dedicated and worn exclusively by Cristiano Ronaldo : the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 CR7 .

We arrived at the sixth of the seven chapters provided for in the series of shoes dedicated to the history of the last Cristiano Ronaldo gold ball. We started from its origins, passing through the first football appearances and for all the teams that saw the star of CR7 shine, retracing step by step all his immense career. This penultimate chapter talks about an unexplored topic, the adventure of Ronaldo with the Portuguese national team .
Cristiano is the player who has often worn the captain’s armband, his first time dates back to 6 February 2007, the day after his twenty-second birthday, and since that day Ronaldo has become not only the captain but also the symbol of Portugal . Man of reference in the field and outside took his teammates by guiding them to the historic success in the 2016 European football championships. This is the triumph of the new nike Mercurial 360 CR7 , whose color resumes that of Portugal’s second shirt worn at EURO 2016 .

We discovered the new Nike CR7 collection , the sixth chapter of the saga dedicated to the Portuguese champion currently at Real Madrid.
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Waiting for the seventh and final chapter (seven just like the number always on the shirt of Ronaldo) that we can already reveal you will arrive in October 2018, stay connected with our channels: our FB and Instagram pages specialized football and our blog for not lose all the news related to the world of football, and take a ride on and in our stores to choose the perfect football shoe for you.