Nike Phantom: the future of soccer shoes

Milan, 17/7/2018, in the evocative setting of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) , Nike has unveiled to the world its latest creation: Nike Phantom Vision .

We were present to test and tell you the first impressions of this new revolutionary football shoe created to meet the needs of the modern football player for whom precision and ball control under pressure are essential requirements. It is no coincidence that the testimonials chosen to wear them are Philippe Coutinho , Kevin De Bruyne and the Italian Federico Bernardeschi.

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 Kevin De Bruyne 

The new Phantom replaces the Magista in the big Nike Football family.

Short and particular existence that of Nike Magista : launched during the 2014 World Cup (including particularly lucky launch given the decisive goal made in the final by the testimonial Prince Goetze), then lived a troubled existence without ever break into the hearts of the players up at the next world championship of Russia 2018 at the end of which he gave way to the revolutionary Phantom VSN .
This new shoe is, as the slogan says, the future of football. In the Phantom there is nothing traditional, starting from its design. In fact, for the first time, the designer Phil Woodman started to conceive this boot from the inside out, starting from the requests of the players who were looking for a shoe that combined precision, control and protection.
Hence the idea of ​​an inner sock with a revolutionary four-dimensional structure that adheres perfectly to the foot and allows unprecedented sensitivity and rapid movements in every direction, wrapped in a “shell” that protects it without interfering with the fit and specially designed to guarantee a precise and safe touch of the ball.

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As anticipated we had the opportunity to discover and above all test the new Phantom Vision during the exclusive event organized by Nike Football at San Siro and more precisely in the stadium garages used for the occasion in the field of Street Soccer.

In a first theoretical phase we have been revealed all the details of the construction of this new shoe and all the innovations that make it “the soccer shoe of the future”; then, shoes on our feet, we could appreciate all the features described above.

We have tested the IC version, therefore with Indoor sole, ideal for the concrete surface of the location, but beyond that the characteristics are the same for all other sole dishes.
The fit is extremely enveloping and even if just worn it may seem excessively tight, just a few steps to make it soft and comfortable and I assure you that it will adhere perfectly to your foot and you will feel like playing barefoot. (NB: advice for purchases, when you try the shoe in the store do not be fooled by the clerk who will advise you to try an extra number because “tight sock”, the first time you wear it must be tight, keep it to the foot and you will see that soon you will forget you have it.).

Let’s now analyze how it behaves when it comes into contact with the ball: the sensitivity is really good and although the coating is not compromised at all, the control and the touch ball are effective and precise both on short passages and on powerful conclusions. The lacing is fixed to the inner sock and is covered by the upper, this allows an even more precise and personalized fit without interfering with the impact surface with the ball which is therefore homogeneous.
Here are some images of the event:

In conclusion we can say that the new Nike Phantom football shoe impressed us, it is a product that is aesthetically appealing and technically very valid.
Also for the new family are confirmed all price ranges: The top of the Elite range, the Pro version, the Accademy and the first price Club. The version is unique, there will not be the high and the low but this unique mid cut .

The first two colors available will be the total black that will be on sale starting from July 26 and the gray / red available from August 2 and that will be the official color that we will see in the field at the beginning of the season.

nike ao3262 phantom vision elite df fg scarpe calcio uomo 036429401 060 3 616x616

And what do you think? Do you like the new shoe or did you prefer the old Magista?