We proudly present: The M2K Tekno

So, that’s the good piece. The M2K Tekno, in the very popular “John Elliot” Colourway, has finally found its way to us on the blog.

We at Dead Stock were big fans of the model right from the start. My buddy Damian showed me the M2K Tekno a few months ago and the silhouette has already been teased at the various fashion shows in the world.

In June, the first colourways from the M2K Tekno have already made it to Germany. We have our model from the Snipes Onlineshop , which was the only store besides Onygo to sell this Colourway online. When other stores with the men’s sizes follow suit is currently not fixed. But I assume that next month we can expect a release for the men of the guild.

Surely you are now expecting from this blog post that we can give you info about the sizing of the M2K Tekno . We can also give you a relatively reliable assessment, but you must not forget that we had a lady’s shoe in front of the camera for this post. Worn by a real guy. ? So there might well be deviations for which, of course, we can not guarantee.

The price of M2K Tekno is 100 euros, which I think is an absolutely fair price. adidas has demonstrated with the Falcon and many other models that a good shoe can also be cheap. You do not always have to unpack the crowbar and knock shoe for 275 euros, as it was the case last with the VaporMax Inneva. Sure, we compare apples with pears here. Nonetheless, the comparison is somehow appropriate.

Back to sizing: My buddy wears a 41 (= 26.5cm) in the M2K Tekno. In the women’s model, he has gone to the same CM statement and says the shoe is true to size. I would like to correct that, because normally we men have to take the women’s shoes a tad bigger. In my opinion, the M2K would have to be half a size bigger. Even my buddy Willy has already confirmed similar, because he has even gone down a full size in his M2K.

Overall, I have to say that Nike has created the legitimate successor to the Air Monarch with the M2K Tekno. Only somehow cooler, stylish and better! Somehow it is funny that there is such a hype about the Air Monarch . After all, the monarch is the epitome of the dad sneaker and has been the target of thousands of memes and jokes in the past. As you can see, how quickly the conditions in the “fashion world” can change.


Joa, the question is really not bad and is actually asked me almost daily. There are currently no official confirmations from the stores, but retailers like Snipes , Kickz and Foot Locker have already hinted that they will lead the model. At TGWO the Pink Foam is even coming soon.

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